Thursday, January 14, 2016

David Katz: "Roof & Sky"

Contemporary Realism

It's been an adventure painting with him this past year. It has also been an honor watching his bold, colorful 'Roof & Sky' series develop.

Born in Haifa, Israel. He is a son of Auschwitz Holocaust survivors. His beautiful mother never complains. His upbringing puts in perspective the necessity of balancing hard work, and in seeking simplicity in Life.

His Life

From successful Philadelphia business owner, to Bed & Breakfast owner hosting actors and actresses (including Elizabeth Lee McGovern for three months), to BMW salesman. Life eventually led him to pursuing the Arts through encouragement of his neighbor, American Abstract artist Liz Ozborne. 

His positive outlook is expressed in his work. In an interview by Human Pursuits, David explains how he wants people to connect with "the importance of being happy."

In His Studio

Two easels. At night he uses both easels for painting. During the day he shares his easels with other artists like me.


Before painting, he knows exactly how he wants the finished painting to look. Prolific and productive, he has several paintings going at once.

In order, he paints :

1.) sky

2.) building

3.) clouds

All works are 30" x 40". A perfectionist, he says this consistent size gives his series cohesion. He probably has between 30 or 40 paintings in this series now, and the series keeps growing.

Tools of the Trade

A Work in Progress

Another talented artist friend Leander Fontaine showed him the trick of putting two magnets together to the attach painting reference to canvas. 

Secrets to Success...

He works with his trusty Bluetick Coonhound Haifa by his side, and coffee...

He is active in the Arts community, exhibiting, teaching, and giving artist talks. His work is straightforward, approachable, and vibrant. People resonate to his paintings.

His work is inspirational. 

Historic West Chester, Pennsylvania has never been painted like this before. 

It amazes me he is color blind, and can't see blues. The first time I met him was at the Woodmere Museum for the Walter Elmer Schofield exhibit. He asked me to describe the different colors in the sky.

100 W. Gay St West Chester Pa
40" by 30", Oil


Each painting offers a sense of presence and joy. Integrating modern color sensibilities with traditional realism offers a contemporary interpretation of reality. There is a sense of symbolism and metaphysical departure within the bold color, strong design, and dynamic composition.  Roof and building structural elements are firmly fixed and grounded. This solidity contrasts with movement of atmospheric skies, and intuitive, billowy clouds. With hints of the mysterious, the settings recalls Edward Hopper's work, yet offers different intentions. There isn't a solitary loneliness. In Katz's work, there is life and vibrancy.

To see more of this series, please check his web site:
Buy his work at Mala Galleria in Kennett Square, PA
You can also stop by and visit his studio in May, Chester County Studio Tour 

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